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Distance Learning Program

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy is making the study of Viktor Frankl’s philosophy and psychotherapy available in a Distance Learning format. All of our courses are now available in the Distance Learning format. Our curriculum is in English.

The Institute’s structured Distance Learning program is interactive. An individual tutorial with a Board approved instructor for each unit of study (5 units for the Introductory Course and 10 units each for the Intermediate Courses) will give the Distance Learner an opportunity to ask questions, offer comments, and clarify the material studied. Having a qualified instructor available in one-on-one tutorials makes our Distance Learning program personal and less of an isolated undertaking for our students.

Although Distance Learning has its advantages, the Institute recommends that at least one of our courses in Franklian Psychology be taken in a group format in order to experience interaction with other students and instructors. In order to serve our world-wide student body optimally, email, fax, and Skype communications have been added to telephone and post-mail as available alternatives. There are many advantage of Distance Learning: It saves travel expenses, time away from work, can be done at a time convenient for the learner and provides individualized instruction and tutorials.

The following foundation courses in Franklian Psychology may be taken in the Distance Learning  format by qualified adult learners world-wide:

Franklian Psychology: Introduction to Logotherapy

Franklian Psychology: Attitudinal Change

Franklian Psychology: Meaning-Centered Interventions

Franklian Psychology: The Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders

For information on how to enroll, please contact:

Dr. Ann-Marie Neale

E-mail: amnealephd @

Telephone: +1-208-297-2657 (US Mountain Time Zone)

For information about the Graduate Theological Foundation’s Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy, and how our courses can be accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of that program, please contact:

Ann V. Graber, PhD


Telephone: +1-636-947-6175 (US Central Time Zone)